The world in a mess, people start to panic – Coronavirus lockdown

Movement Control Order Mindef malaysia armed forces
Malaysian Armed Forces helping the police to ensure Movement Control Order is carried out – Photo Mindef Malaysia

Since early 2020, the world has been brought to a mess with the unprecedented, fatal coronavirus pandemic which has increasingly killed and infected thousands of people around the globe.

Today, the number of Covid-19 deaths worldwide surging past 16,000 and the number of infection cases surpassing 360,000 has instilled a deep panic in each human soul and urges everyone on earth to quarantine oneself.

Nowhere to hide or to run, the whole world in a lockdown, and everybody is confused in uncertainty. One may not know where to step or touch or where he/she could get infected from. People have only one chance to escape,  which is “stay at home.”

A friend`s maid last night was crying and panicky after watching horrible news about what this 2020 virus could do to human body. She wanted to run back to her homeland “Indonesia” as soon as possible but her boss did not allow her to do so as nowhere is safe outside.

Some news channels and social media users are sharing horrific news and stories such as `putting into isolation people who either exhibit symptoms or those who have come in close contact with confirmed coronavirus cases`, or `burning the corpses of the covid-19 victims,` have put millions of people in more fear.

The deadly new coronavirus, which was described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global pandemic, has spread to 177 countries, even to those highly developed countries that claim to have highly scientific technologies that could detect every harmful thing coming in. The virus invaded the world through human transmission and up to now no remedy or cure has been found.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had last night ordered three-week nationwide lockdown across the UK – following the same measures all other nations took – said: “You must stay at home. It is the only critical thing you can do to stop the disease spreading between households.”

There`s no other solution to prevent the spread of Covid-19 except stay-at-home. This is the only measure that all the countries have taken in an attempt to contain the pandemic.

The viral pandemic deranges global financial markets and disrupts the daily lives of millions of people. It has put millions of lives at stake, locked the world at home, and stopped the economy. Now, people around the globe do not only fear catching the disease but also worried about their businesses, jobs, children, and future.

USA President Donald Trump, who banned all travel from China and Europe to the U.S,  blamed the European Union for not acting quickly enough to address the novel coronavirus issue, and claimed that U.S. clusters were “seeded” by European travelers.

On Saturday night, this last week, many countries including Italy, Iran, UK, Malaysia, Morocco, and South Korea have announced tightening the lockdown and shutting down all production facilities except those providing essential goods and services.

So far, the number of infections in Italy rose to over 53,000 cases, with more than 4,825 deaths, more than all of China where the virus first emerged.

A source from within Italy told Malaysia World News that every day at least 700 people die of the virus.

Iran has been reported as the third most affected nation in the world with 1,685 deaths and 21,638 confirmed cases of the virus.

The country’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei suspecting USA having invented the virus refused US assistance to contain the virus.

Many Iranian senior officials have been killed by the virus, reports said.

Several other countries in the Middle East have also put their people in lockdown, closed schools, universities and all non-essential businesses.

Morocco has shut down all the air, sea and land borders. All ships, ferries, travelers from Europe to the Mediteranian country that shares border  with Spain are banned.

Saudi Arabia has banned Umrah and pilgrimage this year to avoid the spread of the pandemic.

One of the world’s biggest airlines, Dubai-based Emirates, has suspended all passenger flights due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus.

But who to blame? America and China are now blaming or accusing each other. Trump call it ” China Virus”. Many other scientists and investigators pointing fingers at China, citing its city Wuhan where the virus first emerged has the biggest scientist laboratories for virology and other virus studies and researches. China on the other hand is accusing USA of creating the virus and testing it against the country to weaken its economy and trade. We can call it the “Trade war virus”.

Other big questions are also, why China, Iran, and Italy are the most affected countries of the coronavirus?

However, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad described the coronavirus pandemic that killed 15 local people as of Tuesday (March 24)  and infected 1,500 others as a “terrible catastrophe”.

“The airlines will suffer. The tourist industry will suffer. The hotels, ground transport, restaurants will suffer. Employees will suffer as they may be laid off. Their employers may also suffer. 

“Economies worldwide would go into recession and even the richest countries would suffer.

“Truly, we all are faced with a terrible catastrophe,” Dr Mahathir wrote on his blog yesterday. – Malaysia World News


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