The UN needs reform, says Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir

dr mahathir giving speech at the united nation 28September2018 1

NEW YORK: The Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had suggested that the veto in the United Nations should not be held by one permanent member but by at least two powers backed by three non-permanent members of the Security Council.

Tun Mahathir said, he hoped the 73rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) should then back the decision with a simple majority.

“I will not say more. I must admit that the world without the UN would be disastrous. We need the UN. We need to sustain it with sufficient funds. No one should threaten it with financial deprivation,” he said when delivering his speech at UNGA that was on TV1 live telecast on Friday evening.

Earlier Tun Mahathir said, he would like to refer the need for a reform in the United Nations as an organization.

“Five countries on the basis of their victories in the wars fought 70 years ago cannot claim to have the right to hold the world at ransom forever. They cannot take the moral high ground, preaching democracy and regime change in the countries of the world when they deny democracy in this organization (UN),” he said.

Mahathir also said that Malaysia lauds the UN in its endeavours to end poverty, protect our planet and try to ensure everyone enjoys peace and prosperity.

“After 15 years and at 93, I return to this podium with the heavy task of bringing the voice and hope of the new Malaysia to the world stage.

“The people of Malaysia, proud of their recent democratic achievement, have high hopes that around the world- we still see peace, progress and prosperity. In this we will see peace, progress and prosperity. In this we look toward the UN to hear our pleas,” Tun Mahathir reinterated.

Earlier he also mentioned about the trade where nations no longer independent. Free trade means no protection by small countries of their infant industries. They must abandon tariff restrictions and open their countries to invasion by products of the rich.

He added, Malaysian palm oil is labelled as dangerous to health and the estates are destroying the habitat of animals. Food products of the rich declare that they are palm oil free. Now palm diesels are condemned because they are decimating virgin jungles.

“These caring people forget that their boycott is depriving hundreds of thousands of people from jobs and a decent life.

“We in Malaysia care for the environment. Some 48% of our country remains virgin jungle. Can our detractors claim the same for their own countries?” asked Mahathir.

Malaysia he said is committed to sustainable development. Many steps have been taken for example in improving production methods to ensure that the palm oil production is sustainable.

“By December 2019, the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) standard will become mandatory. This will ensure that every drop of palm oil produced in Malaysia will be certified sustainable by 2020,” he said.-Malaysia World News


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