The third LMS named BADIK will reach Malaysia end of Sept. 2021 – RMN 


KUALA LUMPUR SEPT.17:  The event to give a name to the third Littoral Mission Ship (LMS) of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) was held at the Wuchuan Shipyard, Wucang Port, Qidong, Nantong City, China this morning

The wife to the Defence Advisor at the Office of the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Republic of China, Rohana Osman has graced the occasion and it is the tradition of the Navy to name any warship by a VIP’s wife.

The RMN Headquarters in its statement said, the third LMS is named BADIK in conjunction with the name of one of the patrol ships Kelas KRIS that had lost its credentials in 2005. BADIK is a traditional Malay weapon that symbolises the heroic spirits, struggle, courage and inner strength in attacking and defending the enemy’s threats.

“BADIK is the third LMS ship of RMN that will join the 11th LMS Squadron based in RMN Base, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The Squadron now has two LMS namely KD KERIS and KD SUNDANG that have started their operations.

“The building of BADIK started on 18th Sept. 2019 and had been launched in the water surface on 28th October 2020 by RMN LMS Project Team in Wuhan. After undergoing the acceptance tests at the port and the sea, this ship has been officially handed to the Government of Malaysia on 14th Sept.2021 at Qidong, China,” the statement said.

The statement added, 17 officers and 38 personnel in various ranks (LLP) have been assigned to be in the first crew after undergoing intensive training for five months in China and BADIK has been scheduled to reach Malaysia at the end of September 2021.-Malaysia Word News    

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