The new government of Malaysia unveils a rich Budget 2019 for its people’s well being

budget 2019 malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Harapan (PH) government has announced an allocation of RM314.5 billion in expenditure in the 2019 Budget compared to RM290.4 billion in 2018 despite the country’s debts and liabilities amounting to RM1.087 trillion.

This Budget involves the largest amount compared to RM290.4 billion for 2018 and RM260 billion for 2017 Budget under the Barisan Nasional Government.

The Budget with the theme “Credible Malaysia, Dynamic Economy, Prosperous Rakyat” has covered most sectors that were promised with better conditions as   in the PH manifesto.

Presented by the Minister of Finance, Lim Guan Eng at the Dewan Rakyat for more than 2 hours starting at 4pm today (Friday), the Budget allocates RM259.8 billion for operating expenditure while RM54.7 billion is provided for development expenditure.

Guan Eng said, this does not take into consideration the Contingency Fund of RM2 billion.

He said, for development expenditure, the economic sector received the highest allocation of  RM29.2 billion encompassing transport, trade, industry, energy and public utilities and agriculture.

“The social sector will receive RM15.2 billion followed by the security sector, RM7.1 billion and general administration RM3.2 billion,” he said.

The Budget 2019 is focused on institutional reforms, the people’s well-being and the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture to capture Malaysia’s “Asian Tiger” economic status.

Guan Eng also told the Dewan Rakyat that the Education Ministry is the largest recipient with RM60.2 billion or 19.1% of the total 2019 Budget. 

“The government has allocated RM652 million for upgrading of schools as compared to RM615 million allocated in 2018,” he claimed.

The recipients are: National Schools (RM250 million); Chinese Schools (SJKC) (RM50 million); Tamil Schools –SJKT (RM50 million); Full Boarding Schools (RM50 million); Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (RM50 million); Government Aided Religious Schools (RM50 million); Mission Schools (RM50 million); Tahfiz Schools (RM50 million); Registered Religious Pondok Schools (RM25 million); Conforming Schools (RM15 million) and Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (RM12 million).

For research funds Guan Eng said, an allocation of RM400 million will be provided to the institutions of higher learning via a contestable fund. In addition RM30 million will be disbursed in the form of matching grants via the Malaysia Partnerships and Alliances Research (MyPAIR) program.

On the welfare and quality of life Guan Eng said, the government supports the B40 households via the “Bantuan Sara Hidup” (BSH) cash grants.

However he said the program’s target is according to the size of family starting January 2019. The recipients will be 1) households with monthly income of RM2,000 and below will receive RM1,000; 2) households with monthly income between RM2,001 and RM3,000 will receive RM750 and 3) those earning between RM3001 to RM4,000  will receive RM500.  

For every child18 years old and below or is disabled in the family, there will be an additional top-up of RM120 per child up to a maximum of four children.

A family of four children with a monthly household income of less than RM2, 000 will receive a total of RM1,480 annually.

 However 4.1 million households will continue to receive financial assistance totalling RM5 billion from the government.

Meanwhile Guan Eng also announced that civil servants at grade 54and below will receive a bonus of RM500 while government pensioners will be paid bonus of RM250 at the end of December 2018. The bonus payments will amount to RM1 billion.

The government also allocates RM10 million to set up another 50 childcare facilities in government buildings to ease the burden of working mothers.

“We will continue to encourage and incentivise the private sectors to follow suit to ensure equal employment opportunities for women.

“The government is committed towards increasing women’s participation to 30% at leadership and decision-making levels in companies and organizations. We have led by example the very first female Deputy Prime Minister in Malaysia accompanied by four female ministers. As of today, 36% of the senior officers in the public sectors are women,”he said.  

These are some of the highlights of the Budget 2019 for the well-being of the people. –Malaysia World News  


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