The new government is backed by people with criminal records, says Mahathir

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Malaysia had never accepted nor practiced the concept of plea-bargain in which a criminal suspect would offer to help the Government in return for some concession to his advantage, said Dr Mahathir. 

The concession given to Riza Aziz is unique. He will source it from the money seized by the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States of America.

Now this money would, by agreement with the previous Attorney General (AG), be returned to Malaysia upon proof that it belongs to Malaysia.

So what Riza Aziz is willing to return is less than half of the money which will be seized by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), which the department is going to return to Malaysia.

The bigger chunk of the money stolen by Riza would be retained by him. In other words, he is going to retain money stolen by him and be acquitted as well.

All the people involved in making this decision are protesting that they did not make the decision. Obviously, they know that the decision is wrong.

The public is disgusted and angry. Is this the kind of justice practiced in Malaysia?

There is a new Government in Malaysia. This Government is in place because it has the support of people presently being tried for stealing money, for money laundering and for corruption.

We, in fact, have a Government backed by people with criminal background.

We cannot feel sure that justice will be upheld in this country, because of the power and influence of these criminals.

Already we are seeing Parliament being silenced. Democracy is dead.

 But it is okay. Your chosen representative support the muzzling of the representative of the people.

The whole world is laughing at Malaysia. The world labelled Malaysia as a kleptocracy (government of thieves) when Najib was the Prime Minister.

Dr Mahathir wrote on his Facebook.

Graduate with a Master of Mass Communication. 10 years working experience in the media and broadcasting.

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