The Malaysian Army should be respected – Mohamad Sabu

Mohamad Sabu
Mohamad Sabu (second left) together with his Deputy, Liew Chin Tong and others had the “pulut kuning” to celebrate his 65th birthday at the Auditorium Wisma Pertahanan, Kuala Lumpur on Monday 14th October.

KUALA LUMPUR: Minister of Defence, Mohamad Sabu urges the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) to work hard as a team as any success achieved will be the team’s effort and any failure will also be the team’s responsibility.

Mohamad said the MAF and the staff should work hard and meet all requirements needed especially in spending the money allocated in the Budget 2020 for the Ministry of Defence that was announced by the government on October 11.

He hopes there will be no “blaming game” in future should any project fail to take off on the scheduled date.

The Minister was referring to the allocation of RM150 million for uplifting the residences of the Malaysian Army that need to be attended urgently.

“The Malaysian Army should be respected at all times as they have sacrificed to defend the sovereignty of the country and the safety of the people.

“We do not want the Malaysian Armed Force to be accused and associated as good for “makan dan tidur” (eat and sleep) only. We cannot imagine if the country is without the army,” he said in his speech at the Ministry of Defence’s Budget 2020 Gathering held at Auditorium Wisma Pertahanan here Monday (October 14th).

After the speech, Mohamad Sabu had a big surprise when those present at the gathering stood up and sang a song for his 65th birthday on Monday. He then cut a “pulut kuning” that was placed before him and then fed his deputy, Liew Chin Tong with the “pulut”and others beside him.

The Minister said the government has approved the Defence’s Budget of RM15.6 billion, an increase of RM1.67 billion or 12 percent as compared to RM13.9 billion for 2019 budget.

 For the readiness and operational programmes, the government has allocated RM5.7 billion to the Malaysian Army; RM2.0 billion to the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN); RM2.5 billion to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and RM1.4 billion for Joint Armed Forces.

Mohamad also stressed that the government for the first time has approved RM500 “one off” payment to 70,000 “Pingat Jasa Malaysia” (Malaysian Service Award) recipients as an appreciation to their sacrifices to the country.

Apart from that, about 160,000 Malaysian Army veterans with pensions and without are given “one-off” payment of RM250, also as an appreciation for their services and contribution to the country.- Malaysia World News

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