The Malays are the ‘tuan’ (masters of the country)? What tuan? Asks Dr M

dr mahathir malays

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has slammed those who claim that the Malays are the “masters” of the country, saying that the Malays are the poorest and the unskilled people in the country.

In a blog post titled ‘Tak Bekerja‘, he asked today: “There are those who claimed that the Malays are the ‘tuan‘ (masters of the country). What masters? The poor, unskilled, and depending on the mercy of others. Are they the tuan?”

According to the Prime Minister, the Malays are poor today because they did not want to work hard, unlike the others including foreigners who are striving to make a better living.

“The Malays continue to leave all the hard work for the foreigners.

“Foreigners are now flooding our country. Seven million foreigners are here today. They are working.

“What will happen to the Malays?,” Mahathir wrote on his blog.

He also recalled, when Malaya was still under British rule, only the Chinese and Indians wanted to work in rubber plantations and tin mines, while the Malays only wanted to work their own paddy fields, or became fishermen, or worked in the government.

But we could not find Malays who operated businesses or worked as labourers.

‘The Malays looked down on these jobs. Because of this attitude” Dr Mahathir said.

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