The king, Malay Rulers cannot appoint Anwar Ibrahim Prime Minister if he does not have majority

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Photo Credit: CGTN

According to Malaysian constitution, only the Member of Parliament who demonstrates he/she has the majority support of at least 111 Members of Parliament(MPs) shall be appointed as Prime Minister.

And only the Prime Minister has the power to choose his Deputy Prime Minister.

If all the 114 MPs who were summoned to Istana Negara yesterday re-affirmed that they are willingly supporting Ismail Sabri as the next Prime Minister, then constitutionally Ismail Sabri is the Prime Minister as he has the majority.

The King may advise the new prime minister or decree some rules, but His Majesty cannot deny the right of Ismail Sabri to become Prime Minister.

The MPs who have nominated Ismail Sabri to be prime minister are people’s representatives; they were voted to be PMs by their constituencies people. Moreover, these MPs are from strong parties like as Pas, Umno, Bn, Bersatu, and GPS. 

The apposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is just not yet fated to become prime minister, he secured only 105 seats, which is not enough for a simple majority.

The King’s decision in appointing the Prime Minister to solve the political turmoil issue should be respected and not negotiated at all, especially when the decision is taken wisely and following the constitution.

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