The Irish-French girl whose body was found near a jungle stream in Malaysia died from starvation and stress, say Police

The Irish French girl whose body was found near a jungle stream in Malaysia

SEREMBAN AUG.15: Medical experts who had conducted a nine-hour autopsy on the death of an Irish-French teenager, Nora Anne, 15, ruled that her death was due to upper gastrointestinal bleeding and nothing showed that she was abducted or subjected to any form of violence.

Negeri Sembilan Police Chief, Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop said, the autopsy also found that she was not raped.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, he said a post-mortem showed no evidence that Quoirin had been abducted or raped.
“There were some abrasion and bruises on her leg but they were not likely to have led to her death,” said Yusop.
“The main reason for her death is intestinal damage. The intestine was punctured, which could be due to starvation for a long period of time and could also be due to prolonged stress.”

“The intestinal bleeding could have been caused from prolonged starvation,” he told the media at the state police contingent here Thursday.

He also said that Nora could have been dead between two to three days before she was found. There was a bruise at her leg and this was not the cause of her death.

The four-member autopsy team that was led by Kuala Lumpur Hospital Forensic Pathologist Dr. Siew Sheue Feng also included HTJ Forensic Pathologist Dr. Hanif Mohammad and Dr. Aidora Saedon from the Chemistry Department while Sufian Arshad Ahmad from the Forensic Department.

After 10 days search on the missing Nora Anne, a search and rescue team found her remains in a stream some 2.5km away from the Dusun resort in Pantai Hills where she was staying with her family. They have checked in on August 3. –Malaysia World News

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