The govt of Malaysia always committed to supporting and giving freedom to the media, says Minister Saifuddin

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PUTRAJAYA APR.22:  The government of Malaysia is always committed to supporting and giving freedom to the media in this country, as it recognizes the importance of the media practitioners’ roles in carrying out their functions and responsibilities, said Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

“While we are fighting to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, the governments in the world are also facing the challenges to overcome the spreading of fake information and ensuring the news and information is authentic and accurate to be channeled to the people.

“This issue is very important especially in the efforts to save the lives and to protect the safety of the people in this health crisis that had affected all of us. Hence the enforcement of the Emergency Ordinance (Necessary Powers) (No.2) 2021 effective 12 March 2021, was to specifically tackle the false information related to COVID-19 and Emergency Proclamation,” Saifuddin said in a statement here today.

He said that in response to the Media Freedom Index 2021 that had been released by the “Reporters without borders” (Reporters Sans Frontieres, RSF) on 17th April 2021where Malaysia was positioned at 119.

Saifuddin added, to avoid dissemination of false information does not mean to stop the media freedom. The media in this country has long been forging cooperation with the government and has been proactive in assisting to evade false information.

“In this 21st century information technology era, the media is not only playing the roles of disseminating transparent news but also protecting the society from false information that could threaten the stability and the national prosperity,” Saifuddin said.

The Minister said, the government is always open to accept any views and feedbacks for the good and priority of the people. The government guarantees to continuously spare the widest space to the media to report news in line with the provisions in the Federal Constitution. –Malaysia World News    



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