“The government helps by giving rice to my family,” says Filipina worker

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A foreign worker spends her days of the Movement Control Order (MCO) cleaning stones at a hotel resort to spare some food to survive.

The 52-year-old woman from the Philippines is one of a growing number of migrant workers hit by MCO which is aimed to combating coronavirus that is threatening millions of lives and having shut down millions of businesses on earth.

 “Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, I was a receptionist at the hotel, as we were experiencing the down fall of the guest booking, we shifted to help each other departments till the first lockdown.

“During the first lockdown, which was from 18th to 31st March, we took unpaid leave, which was unexpected.

“No food assistance for those who are not working and it was really hard on our part.

“I was being helped by our church member and other Filipino friends,” she told Malaysia World News in a special interview.

Malaysia, where many South Asian workers go for jobs, has restricted internal movement and shut its borders to travelers since March 18 until April 28.

Almost all foreign workers in Malaysia have fallen in the worst ordeal, lost their daily income, as all non-essential products factories, companies, shops, hotels, and resorts closed down following coronavirus movement restrictions order imposed by the Malaysian authorities in an attempt to curb the spread of the disease

The movement restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus which has infected more than 4,817 and killed 77 people in Malaysia.

“In the 2nd lockdown we have been given the assistance for food, provided we do any kind of work given at the resort.

“We are given different task to do, such as room care, cleaning the corridors, painting, washing linen, and helping with the laundry.

“These last three days, we have been cleaning the stones one by one at the hotel resort,” she added.

As many other foreign workers stranded in Malaysia, the woman said she could not go back to her home country, Philippines, first because of travel restrictions. Secondly, the Philippines is in a more stricter lockdown and the situation there is worse, notably her family back home are very poor and helpless.

“My family in the Philippines is also in lockdown and no salary for my brother and sister.

“The government helps by giving rice to my family.

“I am worried about my mom who is 82 years old.” she said. – Malaysia World News

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