The General Election cannot he held following the “shouts” of a small group of people- PM Ismail

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PUTRAJAYA MAR.13: The General Election (GE) is not a small matter and what more to dissolve a government that is governing the mandate from nearly the whole Members of Dewan Rakyat while the Prime Minister represents a minority party (42/116) in Parliament with 222 members are in a coalition of several parties.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, among the dissolution pre-condition is that Barisan Nasional (BN) should really be prepared for the 15th General Election.

“The General Election cannot he held following the “shouts” of small groups that are in the victory euphoria garnered from the Johor State Elections. It needs the certainty from the highest leaderships that are responsible on the preparedness of the party from several aspects such as sources, logistics, finance, organisation and strategy,” Ismail said in the Facebook posted by Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Tan Sri Annuar Musa here today.

He was referring to some BN supporters who called for him to dissolve Parliament. They chanted “Dissolve, dissolve” when Ismail arrived at the BN command centre after the announcement of BN’s victory in the Johor polls yesterday.

Ismail said, in the Melaka and Johor state elections, the leaderships know their preparedness in the state level. They could get support and assistance from the head office and more from the Prime Minister, ministers and deputy ministers, the chief ministers and division chiefs nationwide.

The machineries cannot be challenged by any other party and also the strength from the Prime Minister. In the GE these would not happen. All the areas will be busy looking after their constituencies. If the preparation especially the sources and finance is not enough, the whole machineries will collapse.

Annuar quoted the Prime Minister as saying, most importantly, the date of the dissolution is a big secret for the ruling party. It has never been done that the date of general election and dissolution will be decided by the structured pressure openly.

“This is like trapping your own head. It should be a secret and a discretionary power of the Prime Minister,” Prime Minister Ismail said.

As the Member of Parliament for Bera, Ismail stressed that the existing government is not a one party government and as such, a discussion in the government is to be taken into consideration compulsorily. Besides that the procedures and provisions in the Constitution should also be considered compulsorily.

“The Prime Minister should be aware of the people and the current sentiments. In Melaka and Johor the people’s sentiments are to follow the states’ decision and as such they gave the votes. In the Federal, the sentiments should be carefully studied.

“If the government does something different from the people’s sentiments then reactions will be seen through the casting of votes,” Ismail said.

“I agree the time has come for the GE preparations. If it is truly ready, I think it is better to do it soon. When will be the date depends on the Prime Minister’s discretion after discussing in depth with the Supreme Working Council.

“What is definite is BN must be really prepared and ready at the time when majority of the people are with us. At the moment it is good that we study carefully all the related matters first,” Ismail reiterated. –Malaysia World News.

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