The Cabinet Ministers are selected from those experienced who can help to recover the country’s economy, says PM Ismail

ismail sabri cabinet

PUTRAJAYA AUG.27:  The new government under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob will intensify the National Healthy Malaysia Agenda  (ANMS) in educating the Malaysian Family to live with COVID-19 while monitoring the risk of the virus by adhering to the new norms in their daily lives.

Ismail said, based on the prediction of the World Health Organisation (WHO) everybody will have to live with COVID-19 as an endemic that is permanent in nature and will be part of the human being’s life.

“The world has recorded the emergence of the Variant of Concern (VOC) that is more aggressive and records from the whole world have shown that even those who have been vaccinated could still be infected by COVID-19,” Ismail said in his speech on TV1 live telecast here today before he announced the list of the new Cabinet Ministers.

Ismail added, generally the people know that he takes over the government as it is. Hence the new Cabinet is a reformulation based on the current situation for maintaining the stability and prioritising the importance and safety of the Malaysian Family more than the others.

“I admit that we are in a crucial situation following the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn and worsened by the national political instability.

“The new Cabinet formed today is a management team that will work with the people. This Cabinet will have to act fast and integrated in the efforts to free Malaysia from the COVID-19 pandemic threats, economic downturn and political turmoil,” Ismail added.

Ismail said, he believes the new Cabinet is committed to achieve the national agenda via cross-party cooperation to lead the economic recovery for the peoples’ prosperity.

“The Cabinet Ministers are selected from those experienced and could help to recover the country’s economy by supporting the entrepreneurs, ease business systems, and reactivate the economic activities and to elevate the confidence of investors.

“In order to face the current challenges, the Cabinet will have to be results orientated based on three principles namely to be alert with current needs; responsible and honest and to return the people’s confidence.

“The Cabinet will have a new approach that is more open and fulfilling the Malaysian Family aspiration through service delivery and more efficient information,” he added.

Ismail will ensure the Cabinet will emphasize on high performance work culture where every ministry will have to make a short term and long term plan and achieve the targets set. For that every ministry will have to prove its achievements earlier within the first 100 days. – Malaysia World News



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