The 2nd Overseas Journalists Forum to be held in Busan 31st May 2023


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Busan City Council members and AJA members shouted for doing their best to host the Expo at the “Great Transformation of Asia” forum hosted by AJA in November 2022.


“The 2nd Overseas Journalists Forum to Host the 2030 Busan World Expo,” co-hosted by The Kookje Daily News and Asia Journalist Association (AJA) sponsored by Busan Metropolitan City will be held on 31st May 2023.

It is held to enhance the image of Busan as a global city ahead of the 4th BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) competition presentation to be held in June.

Earlier in November 2022, the organizers had invited journalists from Asian countries to participate in an international forum. The journalists had visited the North Port area where the 2030 Busan Expo is supposed to be held and reported the global city of Busan through their local media.

“The 2nd Overseas Journalists Forum to Host the 2030 Busan World Expo” includes MOU for “Foreigners Working and Working” that will be participated by six organizations namely Busan Metropolitan City; The Corps of Consuls in Busan; Busan Labour Rights Center; Busan Foundation for International Cooperation; The Kookje Daily News and AJA.

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Besides that a handout ceremony for foreign workers’ rights notebooks produced by Busan Labour Rights Center and Busan Foundation for International Cooperation will also be held.

Meanwhile in the presentation session, President of AJA, Ashraf Dali will be speaking on “Busan the future of cosmopolitan city”, Seok Byeong-soo, Director of Busan Labour Rights Center, will touch on “Busan is safe for migrant workers” and Joo Hyun-woo, Director of Global Citizenship Cooperation Team of Busan Foundation for International Cooperation will speak on “The future of global Busan and the role of the foundation.”

Free discussion and Q&A will be held after the presentation.

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Foreign correspondents from Russia, Indonesia and Vietnam who are residing in Korea will be attending the forum to report Busan’s capabilities. AJA as the organizer will also focus on covering the event involving 10 Asian countries through overseas media networks.

Founder and President of AJA, Lee Sang-ki said: “Through this event, I hope to secure competitiveness for the 4th BIE presentation and furthermore to achieve the desired results in the voting for the venue selection in November 2023.” -Malaysia World News

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