TERC urges Malaysia to allow Rohingya refugee ships land in the country


KUALA LUMPUR:  The European Rohingya Council (TERC) urges Malaysia government to allow the boats of Rohingya refugees to land in the country, adding that Malaysia’s action to block the entry of Rohingya boats is a violation of humanitarian responsibility.

TERC Ambassador to Malaysia, Tengku Emma Zuriana Tengku Azmi, in a statement on Tuesday, said Malaysia has to follow international law that obliges any country to protect refugees landing in their place.

“Malaysia should accept the Rohingya refugees openly and place them in a quarantine center for health checks,” said Tengku Emma.

She was commenting on Malaysia government that turned away some ships that were bringing dozens of Rohingya refugees to Malaysia on April 16.


She also stressed that Malaysia’s recent decision not to accept Rohingya immigrants was a danger to their lives. In addition, the country is also actively involved in operations to prevent refugees from Myanmar.

“In the event of a refugee boat being barred from entering the country, smugglers in control of the ship will find other ways to enter Malaysia or neighboring countries,

“This at the same time led us to lose the opportunity to conduct health screening on Rohingya refugees to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Tengku Emma.

She added that the TERC understands the challenges facing the Malaysian government in the current situation.

“However, we still urge the Malaysian government to soften (allow the Rohingya to land) on the basis of humanitarianism against the world’s most oppressed minority,” she said.

Many Malaysia netizens and NGOs are pressuring the government through social media to not allow any more Rohingya refugees to enter the country, especially in this time of Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

Meanwhile, Central PAS Committee Member Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz today said Malaysian Muslims should keep quiet if they do not want to defend the fate of the Rohingya people.

He also urged Malaysians to be thankful for helping the oppressed, while at the same time, look for ways to resolve the issue, rather than showing hatred and resentment, especially in the holy month of Ramadan where Muslims should always manifest goof values.

In another development, UMNO Youth Exco, Fairuz Jamaludin said that no one should blame the Malaysian Government for turning away the Rohingya refugee boats that try to land in the waters of Malaysia in mass.

“To the NGO who condemned the government. Have you forgotten that Malaysia has given all sorts of help to this ethnic?

“Besides the humanity mission and the protection given to almost 100,000 registered Rohingya refugees, Malaysia is also managing a field hospital at the Cox’s Bazaar (refugee’s camp in Bangladesh),” he said.

He added, while the country is facing with the Covid-19 outbreak, the government’s action was in the heart of national security.

“If one of them carries the virus, it will spread to Malaysia.” – Malaysia World News

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