Tengku Adnan: Members of the BN should not retaliate for not being selected as candidates for the GE14

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Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor delivering his speech in the presence of students of YPC International College and excellent students in UPSR, PT3 and SPM 2017 on Thursday.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Chairman of Federal Territories’ (FT) Barisan Nasional (BN) Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor could not tolerate members of the BN component parties who retaliated when they were not selected as candidates for the 14th General Election recently.

He said, the leadership of BN must have essential reasons for not choosing him or her as the GE candidates. They should follow the leadership’s decision (wala),” he said to the media after attending the “Award presentation to excellent students in UPSR, PT3 and SPM 2017” at Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras here on Thursday.

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Representatives shook hands after signing the MoU with Tengku Adnan and Syed Ali Alhabshee as witnesses at YPC International College, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

The event also witnessed the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP) and Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras- Institut Profesional Baitulmal (IPB)- Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa PICOMS at YPC International College here.

In the same event, Chairman of Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras who is also the Executive Director of Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan Datuk Seri Syed Ali Alhabshee also launched his book “Jejak Seorang Pejuang” after more than 20 years involvement in Cheras UMNO Division.

Tengku Adnan added: “I want all the seats contested belong to FTBN. We have to work hard and make sure the supporting team and the election mission will be achieved.”

Tengku Adnan said that in response to UMNO Wangsa Maju Division that was said to have a problem in supporting the election working team.

He said, in Wangsa Maju case, the FT State Secretary, Datuk Seri Syed Ali Alhabshee and his team will take over temporarily until the existing problems are solved.

Regarding the President of MyPPP, Tan Sri M.Kayveas who quit from his post, Tengku Adnan said, his advice is for the discipline committee of MyPPP to advise Kayveas.

Kayveas quit after 20 years being the President of MyPPP effective Monday. It was believed that he made the decision after the party failed to get the seat of Cameron Highlands instead MIC Youth Chief, Datuk C. Sivarrajh was selected for the Parliamentary seat.

“Two weeks before the announcement of the GE candidates, I have written letters to all BN component parties stating that if there is any undermining within the party or inter party they can write in to the Supreme Council (MT),” he said.

On the case of Batu Pahat UMNO Division Chief, Datuk Dr. Mohd. Puad Zarkashi who quits as the Chief Director of Department of Special Affairs (JASA), after he was not selected as BN candidate in the 14th GE, Tengku Adnan said: “We will have to wait for his decision on 9 May. If he chose to contest as an independent candidate then automatically he will be dropped from being an UMNO member.”

Mohd. Puad lost to Datuk Mohd Idris Jusi of PKR in the 13th GE and this time he was not selected instead was replaced by Haliza Abdullah, the UMNO Wanita Chief.

Mohd. Puad wrote on Facebook about his decision to quit from JASA after meeting the staff of the department in Kuala Lumpur recently. –Malaysia World News


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