TCA to face maritime crimes and threats in Sulu Sea region

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Commemorative photo – Anuwi Hassan (fifth right) with law experts and 28 participants of the Fourth Regional Law of Armed Conflict at Sea Workshop in Sungai Besi Camp today.

KUALA LUMPUR 16 May – “We must change our perception from threats to opportunities despite the uptrend of non-state actors in maritime violence in the Sulu Sea that has rampantly conducted kidnap for ransom,” said Deputy Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Datuk Anuwi Hassan here today.

These maritime crimes he said, has brought Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to form the Trilateral Cooperative Arrangement (TCA) that encompasses sea patrol, air surveillance, intelligence sharing and the establishment of Maritime Command Centres within the Sulu Sea region.

This cooperative arrangement he said, is adopted from the successful Malacca Straits Patrol (MSP) initiative participated by the littoral of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Anuwi delivering his speech before the five day workshop started today.

However, the Defence Minister of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are scheduled to sign the TCA in June this year, Anuwi said.

He told the media after delivering his speech at the Fourth Regional Workshop on Law of Armed Conflict At Sea at the Marine Centre, National Defence University Malaysia (NDUM) Sungei Besi.

 The workshop was jointly organised with the support of Malaysian Armed Forces, the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), NDUM, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Regional Centre for Military and International Humanitarian Law (COMIHL).

Also present, Deputy Vice Chancellor of NDUM, Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Tengku Mohd. Tengku Sembok, Head of Regional Delegation of ICRC, Isabelle Barras, admirals, lecturers of NDUM, maritime experts and 28 participants from 22 countries.

“With the signing of TCA, we are confident that the sea routes will be safe for commercial ships and the maritime community in this region,” Anuwi reiterated.

Anuwi also said that the workshop conducted is very timely as it is very important to equip the regional naval forces with the awareness and knowledge about humanitarian law and laws on armed conflicts at sea.

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Tengku Mohd. Tengku Sembok receiving momento from Isabelle Barras

Meanwhile Tengku Mohd. said, the main objective of the COMIHL which was established one month ago is to educate and disseminate information, knowledge and conduct researches in this region.

“We have seen the “troubled world” today. Some countries have ended the cold wars’ while many more are in the midst of prolonged wars and victims of these disasters need the world to help them,” he said when asked about the centre.

Tengku Mohd. said, COMIHIL has recently appointed its director who is a Senior Law Lecturer in NDUM while ICRC representatives will be appointed to sit on the board and the management team.

–Malaysia World News 

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