Taman Melawati residents demand an end to the uncertainty of the stalled sewerage project

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Taman Melawati residents protest against uncertainty of the stalled sewerage project.

Taman Melawati residents today protested the delay of the completion of the stalled sewerage project.

The residents expressed their anger over the futile promises and demanded the Minister of Environment and Water Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man to intervene and immediately, by all means possible, to put an end to the uncertainty of the stalled sewerage project.

They also demand PNCSB adhere to the deadline and complete the job at all existing sites; the dismantle of all the hoardings and coverage of the holes to make it safer for driving (at the entrance to Taman Melawati and in front of Anjung Melawati), and a detailed timeline of the project until completion according to the latest deadline.

A statement from Taman Melawati Residents Association (TMRA) said the residents here have been facing constant difficulties and daily hardship due to abrupt halt of sewerage work, which is an omnipresent eyesore in the past four years.

“The non-completion of the work is causing inconvenience and hazard to the local community.

“We are extremely disappointed to witness the never-ending episode of stalled and non-progressive sewerage upgrading work, resulting in the abysmal road conditions which are dangerous for motorists and pedestrians alike,” the statement said.

The sewerage project is undertaken by Puncak Niaga Construction Sdn Bhd (PNCSB) as the project consultant which was initiated by the then Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KETTHA).

Currently, the unsolved project is being implemented by the Sewerage Services Department (JPP) under the purview of the Ministry of Environment and Water.

“Over the years, Taman Melawati residents have had to put up with repeated empty promises by PNC and JPP. The relevant authorities appear not to be serious about resolving this massive problem,” said TMRA.- Malaysia World News


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