Taliban segregates male and female students under new rules in Afghanistan

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Students at Avicenna University in Kabul, Afghanistan September 6, 2021. Pic/ Reuters


Students across Afghanistan have started returning to university classrooms but female and male students have to be segregated according to Taliban ‘ s Islamic rules.

Viral photographs widely circulated on social media show a grey curtain at the centre of the classroom separate female from male students.

The foreign media interpreted that female students are now separated from male students by curtains or boards down the middle of the room.

However, the news portal did not mention whether the lecturer in the divided classroom is a male or female.

Teachers and students at universities in Afghanistan told Reuters that female students were being segregated in class, taught separately or restricted to certain parts of the campus.

‘I really felt terrible when I entered the class … We are gradually going back to 20 years ago,’ a student told the media.

Even before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, she said female students sat separately from males. But classrooms were not physically divided.

When Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001, the group banned girls from school and women from university and work.

This time, since Taliban took over last month, they promised and assured that women’s rights would be honoured in accordance with Islamic law.

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