Tak Nak BN, a music video criticizing BN government goes viral on social media today

A Sarawakian music video titled `Tak Nak BN!` ( in English means `We Don’t Want BN!),  has been uploaded on YouTube today, and immediately went viral on social media and news portals.

The music video conveys various messages and issues such as the Prime Minister Najib`s  billions of ringgits donations,  the goods and services tax (GST), and impoverishment in the State.

In  Tak Nak BN video,  the singers and dancers are wearing  in Sarawakian traditional outfits and mocking the BN government for neglecting some of its people who still lack some of the very  basic needs such as electricity and water. They also criticize the implementation of  GST  and aspire for a change.

The video song looks like a campaign for the  opposition party  DAP to attract voters in the coming 11th Sarawak state election.



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