North Korea leaders could stay in power forever due to dictatorship policies: North Korean defector

  Going to the Republic of China in the course of his work in early.

North Korea expressed its commitment to denuclearization

SEJONG, KOREA: The question of whether North Korea is sincere with its commitment to the.

Kim Jong Un calls Donald Trump a “dotard”

Serious war of words has unleashed today between North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and.

Military attack on North Korea is inevitable: Trump

An American military attack on North Korea seems to be the only option left for Donald trump.

North Korea leader is “begging for war”, says US ambassador

US ambassador, Nikki Haley  urged the UN to impose more sanctions on North Korea to.

North Korea Successfully Launched an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

UPDATE: North Korea has announced it has successfully tested a long-range Intercontinental Ballistic Missile called.

North Korea is close to test launching a nuclear bomb that can reach U.S

Trump’s defense secretary plans to visit Japan and South Korea next week and shared concerns.


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