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31,282 illegal immigrants deported, stop cross-border crimes

KUALA LUMPUR NOV. 9: Malaysia has sent back 31,282 illegal immigrants to their home countries.

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Sabah deported 400 illegal immigrants from the Philippines

SABAH: Malaysian government has deported a total of 400 illegal immigrants from the Philippines who.

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Government’s offer to screen test illegal immigrants is closed – Minister

PUTRAJAYA MAY 31: The government’s offer to screen test the illegal immigrants for COVID-19 during.

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We are still investigating the cause of COVID-19 infections in the immigration detention centres – Hisham

PUTRAJAYA MAY 30: The Ministry of Health suggests that all immigration detainees and prisoners will.

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2,861 illegal immigrants will be sent back to Indonesia on June 6

PUTRAJAYA MAY 30:- The first group of Indonesian illegal immigrants consisting of 2,189 with negative.

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354 illegal immigrants from 3 depots detected with positive COVID-19

PUTRAJAYA MAY 28: The government had confirmed that 354 illegal immigrants from three detention depots.

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Illegal immigrants treated well in Malaysia compared to other countries, Senior Minister tells critics

PUTRAJAYA MAY 27: Leaders of political parties and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are reminded not to.

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No way illegal immigrants will be allowed to stay in Malaysia, says Senior Minister

Putrajaya: Human rights organisations should thank Malaysia for detaining illegal migrants and giving them swab.

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Illegal immigrants with negative COVID-19 will be sent back to their countries –Minister

PUTRAJAYA MAY 26: The government has decided to send back all illegal immigrants who are.

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4,346 detainees in 3 immigration depots screened for COVID-19

PUTRAJAYA MAY 25 – The government has decided to place all illegal migrants who had.

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Malaysia arrests and deports hundreds of illegal migrants during MCO

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has recently detained hundreds of illegal migrants staying and working illegally in.

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586 illegal immigrants detained, says Minister

3,352 individuals had been checked and 586 illegal immigrants were detained in last night police.

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Malaysian Authorities conducting large-scale operations against illegal immigrants during MCO

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Authorities are conducting large-scale operations at several locations in the capital against.

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1,509 illegal immigrants detained, most of them Bangladeshis

KUALA LUMPUR: Following the E-Card Application deadline on 30th June, the Immigration Department has arrested.