Sultan Nazrin : If the leaders betray the people, the people will betray their race

His Majesty, Sultan Nazrin delivering a speech at the Race Unity National Convention 2016 at DATC, UiTM, Shah Alam
His Majesty, Sultan Nazrin delivering a speech at the Race Unity National Convention 2016 at DATC, UiTM, Shah Alam

SHAH ALAM 9 NOV – His Majesty Sultan Perak, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah said that the Malays are sensitive people but at the same time they should prove they are proud of their race with high moral values and dignity, and fulfilling promises and honest.

Sultan Nazrin said, the Malays should help themselves and  be ready to give more and ask for less.  Help the Malays  by giving the responsibilities and the trust to those who are genuinely competent, energetic, skillful, experienced, knowledgeable, and with integrity.

“Do not give the responsibilities to the in between parties with parasitic characters, doing business like the Malay proverb that says “berniaga secara buluh kasap” no profit and the capital will also be gone,” Sultan Nazrin said at the Race Unity National Convention 2016 with the theme “Review the Race Struggle: UiTM, Between Hope and Achievement,” at the Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselor (DATC) UiTM, here yesterday.

Also present at the convention’s officiating ceremony was the UiTM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Hassan Said, Board of Directors’ Chairman, Tan Sri Ir. Dr. Ahmad Zaidee Laidin,  special guests, participants,  academic staff and students.

Hi Majestry Sultan Nazrin in his speech also mentioned the second Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak reminding the MARA students to be active and dynamic. Every student is responsible to behold the people’s trust. To search for knowledge and to be skillful is part of the people’s trust upon them because the institution of higher learning is sponsored by the government. The country’s source of income comes from the public and governed by the government which has the mandate from the people.

“If the leaders betray the people, the people will betray their race and if a leader and the people break the trust, then the loyalty will be broken, hence affecting unity and gradually the race will lose respect from others,” Sultan Nazrin added.

Sultan Nazrin also reiterated, students who have acquired knowledge and equipped with skills are expected to change their ways of thinking, and present themselves as educated people. Education is  aimed at changing the empty mind of a slave to an open and independent mind.

Participants and special guests at the convention’s opening ceremony

His Majesty Sultan Nazrin also quoted a Greek philosopher, Epictetus who said, a knowledgeable person will have a free mind. Freedom of the mind is illustrated in a short story relating a Mullah, his neighbour and a donkey.

Mullah Nasaruddin had a neighbour who liked to borrow things but did not give back to the owner. One day the neighbour wanted to borrow a donkey from him but instead Mullah hid the animal behind his garage and said his brother had taken the donkey away.

 Once the neighbour stepped out, he heard the horse shrieking and the neighbour turned back to Mullah and asked him, is it true that the donkey is not here and the Mullah said, “do you trust the shrieking noise from a horse rather than a Mullah’s answer. Due to his respect for the Mullah, the neighbour just took his words.

Sultan Nazrin added,  the story was related to a free an open mind and at times it could differentiate between the truth and a lie regardless from whose voice, whether it is from a Mullah or a donkey. At times a donkey is regarded to be stupid is more honest and sincere then a Mullah with a high status.




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