Stubborn laundry shop owner warned by police for not complying with MCO

Police officer inspecting shops to ensure they comply with the restricted movement order (March 22).

Kuala Lumpur, March 22- A Laundry shop, which was still open at Keramat area, received police warning this afternoon for not complying with Movement Control Order (MCO) which has been set from March 18 to March 31 to combat the spread of covid-19. 

Two armed police men came in a patrol car and raided the laundry shop that was operating automatically without any shopkeeper.

They warned the owner who came after around 20 minutes that he may get fined or jailed if he does not close his shop immediately and abide by the two weeks MCO.

The owner seems to have been opening his shop all these previous five days  ignoring the MCO which rules that all shops, including laundary shops, are not allowed to open these two weeks, except those selling food and daily necessary products. 

Defying the order you may get fined RM 1,000 or jailed up to 6 months. 

However, the two police men told MWN reporters who were reporting on MCO and police roadblocks today that they will advise the laundry shop first before summoning him.

When MWN reporter asked the shop owner after the police left, he said they (police) just warned him and ordered to immediately close his shop. -Malaysia World News (MWN). 

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