Sri Lanka’s President flees to Singapore after massive anti-government protesters stormed his palace


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Sri Lanka’s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his wife Ioma have fled to Singapore on a Saudia airline plane after protesters stormed their palace.

According to The Straits Times, a plane carrying Sri Lanka’s president and his family has arrived in Singapore from the Maldives, a day after he escaped to the atoll nation.

The aircraft landed at Singapore’s Changi Airport at 7.17pm (1117 GMT) today, according to AFP journalists on site.

Rajapaksa, 73, fled Sri Lanka after angry ptotestrs marched into his palace demanding a quick solution to dire economic crisis that collapsed the entire country financially.

According to reports, Rajapaksa will be heading to the United Arab Emirates after staying few days in Singapore.

“He has not asked for asylum and neither has he been granted any asylum. Singapore generally does not grant requests for asylum,” a spokesman told the media.

Sources has also said Rajapaksa has already submitted a letter of resignation on Friday.


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