South Korea seeks diplomatic endeavours for North Korea denuclearization- Kang Kyung

speaking to the international media after delivering her speech at the World Journalist Conference 2018 in Seoul Korea.
Kang (Fourth right) with international journalists, AJA  members at the World Journalist Conference 2018 in Seoul, Korea on Monday.

SEOUL:  South Korea is continuing its diplomatic endeavours to open the path towards North Korea denuclearization, said Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kang Kyung wha.

She said, they are clear on the key principle points that North Korea must stop its provocations, nuclear test or missile launches which dampen the atmosphere for dialogue.

Kang added sanctions and pressures on North Korea will remain in place as long as it does not undertake substantial measures for denuclearization.

“The peaceful denuclearization of North Korea remains as my government’s unwavering goal. At the same time, we need to carry forward the momentum of dialogue created in Pyeongchang, and in particular we must seek opportunities for the United States and North Korea to engage in a dialogue for denuclearization,” she said in her speech at the World Journalists Conference 2018 luncheon held at the Korean Press Centre here on Monday.

The annual conference organized by the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) was attended by 70 journalists from 46 countries.

She also stressed that North Korea has not indicated any desire to engage in denuclearization talks with the United States. But it knows that with the heavy sanctions placed upon it, its key interests cannot be served without coming to terms with the United States.

Emphasizing on the third point, she said: “We will continue to work closely with key partners in the region for a successful transition into a steady phase of dialogue.”

“We will reach out to the international community to work together to fundamentally resolve the North Korean nuclear issue and to establish a lasting peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.”

Earlier she said, many people asked why North Korea decided to come to Pyeongchang and jump-start the inter-Korean dialogue after a long time hiatus.

“Whatever the reason or motivation, it must be seen as a positive response to the consistent efforts of my government to engage North Korea,” she said.

North Korea sent high-level government delegations to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics recently and President Moon Jae-in met with them to further advance the dialogue with the north.

She added, Kim Yojung, the younger sister of Chairman, Kim Jong-Un who was part of the delegation to the opening ceremony, conveyed a personal letter of her brother to President Moon Jae-in, with an invitation for him to travel to Pyongyang for a summit meeting.

To reciprocate, she added, President Moon’s special envoy visited Pyongyang today (Monday). –Malaysia World News

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