Some happy in lockdown, some in misery

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The lockdown is a perfect opportunity for some people to stay at home and enjoy reading, watching movies, chatting with friends, cooking delicious meals, sitting in the sunny garden, resting and soothing, while for many others it is just a miserable, dull, odd time.

 Malaysia World News conducted several online interviews to know `how the people of Malaysia feel about the lockdown. ` And this is what we have learned:

People, not all, started feeling very bored in the lockdown, while spending all day at home. How they wish the Movement Control Order (MCO) could be lifted as soon as possible so that they can go out, meet their friends and colleagues, and have a drink with them.

Some spouses even started to feel so bored with each other, nag to each other, and quarrel with each other, as their lifestyle and conduct of life have changed in the prolonged lockdown.

“I used to be so busy, go to work so early and come back home till night. I have never sat at home whole day, with a whole-day-nagging wife and noisy kids.

“Now cannot go out even to the mosque to pray and see my Muslim brothers there” said Mohammed Farouk, 56.

“The kids make a lot of noise at home. They are so demanding.

And the wife, who also used to go to work and eat outside, has now to stay at home too, bake and cook food the whole day for the family, besides doing other chores such us cleaning, tiding up, washing, and gardening.

“I have to help with the house work now, otherwise the wife won`t stop nagging,” he added jokingly.

A young, start-up retailer, said he closed his shop which he rents so expensive in a shopping mall, and it`s impossible for him to telecommute or sell his products online, because selling product online needs big budget and expenses. You have to pay the media to promote and boost your product and services online. If you do not have strong promotional campaigns you cannot easily convince people to place an order and purchase.

“I’m suffering now.

“I`ve just started on retailer business… totally bad.

“Nowadays I try to cut the budget,” he told the news portal.

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Ms Noorima, another self employed, career woman, cried when she heard that the MCO might be extended until mid May. She shared a lot of crying emojis on her Facebook.

By staying at home under MCO, she said she felt so frustrated and afraid she might lose her business and income while her shop was closed.

“The government`s financial assistance is not covering the same amount of money we are losing every day.

“As a hairdresser, I used to earn at least RM400 to RM600 a day. Now we earn none, the salon is close,” She said.

A Bangladeshi man, who works in Malaysia, told MWN, he and a couple of friends from his country are facing terrible, miserable situation than ever before since MCO started last month. They don’t even have enough food to eat.

“If the MCO is extended we should not eat.

“Our food and savings have already finished,” he said.

Not far from home, some students, foreigners, and even some local people are incarcerated five to a room. Some can’t work from home. They don’t have enough data on their phones, nor have they a laptop.

The situation is becoming tougher for self-employed people, private sectors employees who were forced to go on unpaid leave, low income households, foreign labor workers, and refugees in Malaysia. Especially those foreigners who stay in areas considered as `red zones` and which is currently under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) as the number of covid-19 cases is so high in there.

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Noor Hisham Abdullah

Many foreigners are stranded here. They have to call their embassies and charity organizations to send to them food and essentials. Only few embassies respond positively to their citizens. Many other embassies just ignore their people and let them die. 

There are 416 COVID-19 positive cases involving foreigners in Malysia. “This includes 51 from Indonesia, 37 (India), 31 (Myanmar), 29 (Pakistan), 27 (Philippines), plus one person from Pakistan and one from Indonesia who died of the disease,” said Health Director-General,  Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah in a press conference yesterday.

“The Ministry is now focusing on the hotspot areas particularly in the red zone in the district or even the village where we trace, detect, isolate and treat them in the hospital if they are found with COVID-19 positive,” he added. – Malaysia World News

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