Six days old baby found inside luggage of American woman at Manila airport

manila baby found in handbag

MANILA: An American woman has been arrested at Manila Airport (Philippines) after a newly born baby was found in her hand luggage, local authorities said. 

She was caught with the child in her bag at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila as she was allegedly trying to fly it out of the country.

The woman who was identified as Jennifer Talbot, 43 was taken into custody at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) and National Bureau of Investigation for questioning.

Philippines Immigration Bureau spokesman Melvin Mabulac said the woman claimed she was the child`s aunt but she had no documents on her.

The baby was hidden in an “oversized belt bag” and “was not declared nor presented to the immigration inspector during departure formalities, ” he said, adding the woman appeared to be traveling alone and only presented her personal passport. But when staff inspected an oversized carry-on suitcase, they found the child inside.

“She did not have any travel documents for the infant,” Mabulac said.
The woman had claimed to be the child’s aunt, but had not provided any evidence that they were related, CNN Philippines reported.

Mabulac added that Talbot could not present any applicable document to show that she has the authority to bring the baby with her abroad.

Authorities could not also identify the nationality and age of the baby, though some claim it was a Filipino and six days old.

The woman is being held for further investigation under the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Human Trafficking Division.


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