Single mother of 9 children sentenced to death in Malaysia for possessing 113.9 grams of drug

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TAWAU: A single mother of nine children was sentenced to mandatory death at the Tawau High Court on Friday after being found guilty of possessing and distributing drugs three years ago.

High Court judge Alwi Abdul Wahab passed the sentence on Hairun Jalmani, 55, after finding that the prosecution had succeeded in creating a prima facie case while the defense failed to raise reasonable doubts.

The accused, who is also a fish seller, was charged with possessing syabu weighing 113.9 grams in an unnumbered house in Kampung Pangkalan Wakuba, Batu 15, Jalan Apas, Tawau at 5.30 pm, January 10, 2018.

Accordingly, she was charged under Section 39B (1) ( a) The Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which provides for mandatory death sentence or life imprisonment, upon conviction.

During the prosecution proceedings, the prosecution presented four witnesses while the defense presented two witnesses including the accused herself


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