Singaporean travellers filling their car tanks with cheap Malaysian petrol outraged Malaysians

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A long queue of thousands of Singaporean vehicles were noticed entering Malaysia via Johor Baru over the weekend, since Malaysia reopened its borders on April 1.

Several images went viral on social media showing Singaporeans enjoying shopping in Johor Baru, and filling their car tanks with the Malaysian cheap petrol (RON95), using their stronger dollar which is almost 3 times higher than a ringgit.

Images and videos of Singaporeans filling their tanks with Malaysian subsidised petrol have sparked an uproar among Malaysian social media users, with some of them calling the Malaysian authorities to ban these travelers from entering Malaysia.

Despite of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister already prohibits foreign-registered vehicle and motorcycles from purchasing RON95, some naughty Singaporeans still do not care about the notice.

According to the Star, Only petrol stations located within 25km of the Malaysia-Singapore border entry points are permitted to sell diesel to foreign-registered vehicles and that sale is limited to no more than 20 litres per transaction per day.

On Wednesday, the news portal quoted the Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi saying that petrol station operators caught selling subsidised petrol to foreign-registered vehicles will face stern action, and pay a maximum fine of RM2mil, in accordance with the Control of Supplies Act 1961 and the Control of Supplies Regulations 1974.

95-RON gasoline is very cheap in Malaysia but it is subsidized for Malaysian residents only.

The same grade of fuel costs more than four times in Singapore, especially with the current global oil prices surge.

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