Singapore ranked 2nd richest country in the world

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Singapore is the 2nd richest country on the planet, according to Expat Rankings of Richest Countries 2023.

The tiny state of a population around 5.7 million people has emerged top 15 Richest Countries in the World as it stands out from the rest with its high GDPs, abundant resources, and thriving economies.

With a GDP of $397 billion, and GDP PER CAPITA, PPP $72.794,00, Singapore has emerged as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Singapore in known for its clean streets, diverse cuisine, and efficient transportation system.

According to report, one of the main factors contributing to Singapore’s success as the second richest country in the world is its strategic location for international trade and finance. Singapore has a well-developed infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and a strong emphasis on innovation and technology, which has helped to attract significant foreign investment.

Singapore has also invested heavily in education and workforce training, with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

In addition, Singapore has implemented sound economic policies, including low taxes, open markets, and a business-friendly regulatory environment, which has helped to attract and retain businesses and entrepreneurs. The country has also worked to promote social cohesion and stability, with policies focused on healthcare, affordable housing, and income equality.

Luxembourg was ranked 1st richest country in the world, with a GDP of $85,51 billion and GDP PER CAPITA, PPP $133.590,15.

Other top 15 wealthiest countries on the planet are United States, Brunie, Taiwan, iceland, Austria, Qatar, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, and San Marino



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