Singapore implements 1 month lockdown starting on Tuesday

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
Lee Hsien Loong

SINGAPORE: Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced today that the government has imposed 1 month lockdown starting from Tuesday (April 7).

He said  schools and most workplaces, except for essential services and key economic sectors, will be closed and all sort of public gathering will be banned for a month, in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

This stricter measures came after Singapore’s infections have risen sharply in recent weeks, hitting 1,000 cases this week, with 5 deaths  as of  Friday.

“We have decided that instead of tightening incrementally over the next few weeks, we should make a decisive move now, to pre-empt escalating infections.

“We will therefore impose significantly stricter measures. This is like a circuit-breaker. It will help reduce the risk of a big outbreak occurring,” he said

The Government will take strict action against those who do not comply with the 1 month stay-home order.

“It boils down to three things: First, stay at home, as much as possible. Second, avoid socialising with others beyond your own household,” said Lee Hsien Loong in a televised address.

Lee urge everyone to stay at home and do their work from home.

From April 8, schools and institutes of higher learning will move to full home-based learning.

Food establishments, markets and supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, utilities, transport and key banking services will remain open, and going out to buy daily necessary needs will be allowed, on condition everybody should practice social distancing.-Malaysia World News


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