Singapore became a developed nation when it separated from Malaysia – Guan Eng

guang eng

In a response to Johor BN chief Datuk Hasni Mohammad`s statement that `Singapore could be more developed if led by UMNO,` Lim Guan Eng said Singapore had prospered and became a developed nation only after it left Malaysia.
“Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965. At the time of separation, the Singapore dollar was lower or smaller compared to the Malaysian dollar. Since then Singapore has progressed to become a developed nation with the Malaysian ringgit depreciating to RM3.09 to 1 S$. The foreign exchange reserves, asset holdings and GDP per capita of Singapore have far exceeded Malaysia,” he said in a post on his Facebook today.
Guan Eng added, the principal factor for Singapore’s success is not just an efficient and competent government but that Singapore is clean and almost free from corruption.
“In contrast to Singapore’s ranking as the 4th most clean nation in the world by the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, Malaysia has declined to its worst ever ranking of No. 62,” he said.
Guan statement came after Hasni stated that UMNO can make Singapore better.
The DAP leader, who is also the former Minister of Finance, went on saying that UMNO party is identified with corruption with its de facto leader Najib Tun Razak found guilty of charges related to the RM52 billion 1MDB scandal.
“Such ridiculous and irrational statements by Hasni destroys his credibility and competency,” Guan said.

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