Should the new Government help the Malays, revive their destroyed companies, instead of undermining their intelligence

malay students
More Malays are high achievers in their academics now.

While it is important for the Malays that form 60 percent of the total population of Malaysia to wake up, compete with other successful races to get out from poverty and cope with the development of the world, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government should also give priority to help them.

Instead of giving employment to the Malays, help them to run business and prosper, the government under Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad recently had criticized and belittled their capabilities.

” Many Malays opened businesses, restaurants and factories, but most of them lost their businesses and some even lost their capital money. It` s not because they are not hard working or incompetent, but it` s because the government administrations, beside the communities around, do not support and help them.

“The new government should help the Malay companies to grow and revive those who have lost their capital investments instead of undermining their skills and intelligence,” a grab driver, who was once working with a big Malay company, told Malaysia World News reporter.

Last week, Dr. Mahathir said the “Malays are poor, unskilled and like to depend on others.”

The Prime Minister also reiterated the Malays do not want to work but give space for foreigners to storm Malaysia and grab all jobs.

If we stop here and have a look at what kind of jobs the foreigners are doing that the Malays do not want are only the hard labour jobs in the construction of tall buildings and bridges, cleaning the roads and jobs that are considered dirty, dangerous and difficult (3D).

For decades, these jobs have been monopolised by the Indonesians and now by the Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam migrants.

It would be more meaningful if Dr. Mahathir urges the Malays to study hard to become engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, judges and other professional jobs and give them all the assistance to achieve their dreams, instead of wanting them to do the poor immigrants’ jobs.

malay house

Dr Mahathir and the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government should remember that even the Malaysian Indian and Chinese no longer work as labourers in plantations or construction sites. Most of them have become lawyers, doctors and other professional jobs and have migrated to the urban areas and big cities.

Asking the Malays, who are now mostly highly educated and graduates from local and international universities to do hard work or become labourers with low wages is only seen as a humiliation to their intelligence.

There are so many Malays who have graduated in engineering, finances and business management and so forth that could not find suitable jobs that are at par with their academic and professional qualifications. In this respect, it is needless to remind the government of the rate of unemployment among graduates today and its causes.

In another perspective, there were many Malays who have tried to run their own businesses but they went bankrupt in these few years. They do not only lose their capital investments but also their companies and even houses. One of the many alleged reasons why they went bankrupt was that the recent government did not help them by giving contracts, projects, provide necessary loans and technical support.

Those Malay companies that went bankrupt were the ones that have provided thousands of jobs to the Malays for many years.

water company
Sample of a Malay company that was destroyed and closed up in Malaysia.

It is unfair for the government to accuse the Malays being lazy, unskilled and not working hard if they have not been attended to in the proper perspective.

“Poverty along with the government’s negligence can destroy the skills, intelligence and hopes of the people,” said an engineer who had lost his job when his industrial water treatment company was put under liquidation or bankruptcy and never offered a solution or assistance.

The company this engineer talked about was a Malay water factory founded and run by a Malay family. The company was in charge of supplying pure, clean water  to Orang Asli (aborigines people) villages and rural schools in Malaysia. Unfortunately, though this company had build and installed great water systems in those remote areas, it was destroyed and closed up by the old regime and until now it was not given a chance to revive back its factory, contracts, and projects.  

The government should encourage and help the Malays to get good jobs, do business as well as encourage non-Malays to employ the Malays, buy their products and services instead of ignoring their calls or associating them as lazy or non skilled people, the distressed engineer added.

In short, Malays are not lazy or unskilled anymore. The Malays need the government`s assistance and guidance to prosper their businesses and contribute to the nation building in return.- Malaysia World News

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