Shortage of bread amidst MCO forces Malaysians to bake at home

malaysian cooking roti canai mamak
A man making roti canai at a restaurant, early morning ( March 5)- Pictured : Malaysia World News (MWN)

Most Malaysians are known to be addicted to roti canai and roti naan. This recipe has been their daily diet for many years. Some of them cannot do without having at least one roti canai or roti naan a day, preferably in a mamak restaurant or stall.

But with the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) that has been imposed nationwide since March 18 until April 14 (if not extended again), roti canai/roti naan lovers found it so difficult to go out to mamak restaurants to have it. Many mamak restaurants are closed or they operate only few hours and people cannot sit there, they should only take away.

Normal bread is also not easy to find during these MCO`s days. It has become in high demand now. If you want to buy bread from the shop you have to wake up so early, otherwise you find none after  9.00 in the morning. 

“At our area bread and roti canai sold out at all shops as early as 8am, unlike other normal days,” Fauziah, a mom to two children, told Malaysia World News.

“Last time until night you can still find bread in all shops, only few would buy. Now, we don`t know `why all people buy bread` to the extent it finishes from all shops so early morning? “She asked.

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Many people like to have bread now. Maybe eating only rice the whole day at home, in this partial lockdown, is quite boring. Some people cannot eat rice the whole day! They want a change. At least they need bread at breakfast and during  tea time.

“Because of the shortage of bread, we have to bake at home and make our own bread for the family. And thanks God my mum taught me how to cook” said event manager, Fauziah when she was interviewed online by MWN reporter as she was posting photos of roti naan she made at home on her Facebook.

Asked if it was her first time cooking and baking at home, she said she seldom cooked at home as she had to go to work.

Most of Malaysian women, as most men, do not often cook at home, especially for lunch,  because they spend the whole day at work.

“Thanks God mamak restaurants are not open now as usual, because of this partial lockdown. Mamak restaurants and roti canai addicts may rest now. It was not good for their health to consume such meals daily,” said another interviewee who did not want to mention her name.

“But we can still make our own bread…safer and cleaner,” she added.

This is also a good opportunity for some parents to learn how to cook at home, if they care not to go out every day to buy food from outside which is not safe this time around. People are supposed to stay at home during this partial lockdown to prevent coronavirus spread.

With the enforcement of MCO, the government urged the people to stay at home as the outside air is contaminated with corona virus especially in the red zone areas.

Home made bread and food that goes well with it are much cleaner and healthier than the food bought from outside. Please ‘stay at home’ and enjoy cooking! – Malaysia World News (MWN)

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