Several renowned fashion designers taking part in the New York Couture Fashion Week Grand Gala 2023 which will be hosted in Malaysia on 25th Feb

left Andrew Jakson Dato Aamar Tengku Hishamuddin Ziinine Wak Dayok Hafizah from Wyndham Dr David scaled
From left – Mr Andrew Jackson, Dato’ Dr Amar Abdul Ghapar, Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishammuddin Zaizi ,  Mr Ziinine Britshi, celebrity Wak Doyok, Hafizah Salim, Professor Dr David Asirvatham, and models at the launch and press conference of the New York Couture Fashion Week Gala in Malaysia Jan 6, 2023. 

Kuala Lumpur: Several popular fashion designers and models are taking part in the New York Couture Fashion Week Grand Gala 2023 which will be hosted for the first time in Malaysia on 25th February this year at Wyndham Acmar Klang hotel.

The event, which will be staged under the theme “Uniting Cultures, Promoting Tourism Through Fashion”, was graced and officially launched on Friday 6th January by Y.M. Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishammuddin Zaizi Ibni Y.A.M Tengku Azman Shah Al-Haj at a press conference at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Mayamode Fashion Studio.

Also present at the press conference were Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Dr Ammar Abdul Ghapar, Senior Director, International Promotion Division (America/Europe/Oceania) from Malaysia Tourism Board, Malaysian celebrity Actor and Fashion Icon Wak Doyok, Professor Dr David Asirvatham, Executive Dean of FIT, Taylor’s University, Dr Pouline Koh Chai Lin, Head of The Design School, Mr Andrew Jackson Representative for Couture New York Fashion Week for Southeast Asia, Hafizah Salim, Wyndham Representative, Mr Ziinine A. Britshi, Director and Organizer of New York Couture Fashion Week in Malaysia, and many representatives from Tourism Selangor, fashion designers, and models.

The New York Couture Fashion Week Grand Gala 2023 will be featuring Award-winning Designer Andres Aquino, celebrity models Layla Murugova and Daiana Canalas, and many other international and local designers and models who will present a fashion extravaganza of classy couture designs.

Couture Fashion Week New York is one of New York Fashion Week’s most prestigious events and the world`s most popular fashion show that presents a series of couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City, Cannes, France, and other selected cities. The shows include exceptional designers from around the globe, performances by world-class entertainers, luxury exhibits of art, accessories, and other products, VIP dinners, and related events.

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Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishammuddin delivering a speech at the launch and press conference of the New York Couture Fashion Week  Gala in Malaysia Jan 6, 2023. 

In his keynote address at the launch and press conference, Tengku Dato’ Dr. Hishammuddin expressed his appreciation that Malaysia has been chosen to host the international event and become a hub for the international fashion industry in Southeast Asia.

“Couture Fashion Week is a highly regarded event in the fashion world, and I am proud to hear that its first venture into South East Asia is in my home country. Malaysia is full of talent, and having an opportunity to demonstrate that to the world represents a big step in the right direction,” said Tengku Dato’ Dr. Hishammuddin.

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Besides Andres Aquino, many other fashion designers are participating in the New York Couture Fashion Week Grand Gala 2023 including the Malaysian renowned Fashion Designers Dato’ Aaron Von Jolly and Dato’ Raymond Jolly of Von Jolly Couture, Amanda Brown Couture (representing Indonesia), Dicky Ishak Couturier from Singapore, Centexs (Sarawak), and Vivien Tsai and GypsyKorn Atelier`s Gurdip Kaur from Malaysia, as well as many talented designers from Taylor`s University – The Design School.

According to Ziinine Britshi said Malaysia is proud to be hosting this international event and becoming a hub for the splendid, classiest shows in Southeast Asia

“By hosting this event in Malaysia, we will not only be giving an opportunity to Malaysian designers and models to go to the international level or promote Malaysia fashion industry, but we will also help to bring together two different countries, Malaysia and USA, through this international show,” he said at the launch and press conference of the New York Couture Fashion Week Grand Gala 2023 yesterday.

The event is organized by Media Path Ent. (Malaysia World News) an accredited media company based in Kuala Lumpur and the UK in partnership with Couture Fashion Week New York (CFW NY) and Global Short Film Festival (GSF) and in collaboration with Taylor’s University many business partners and sponsors.

On 7th Nov 2022, Couture Fashion Week New York (CFW) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Media Path Ent (with Malaysia World News) to organize this international event, “New York Couture Fashion Week Gala” here in Malaysia every year where selected best model and best fashion designer will be selected and given an opportunity to go to participate in any upcoming show of Couture Fashion Week New York, in the USA or Cannes, France.

Andrew Jackson in his speech at the launch and press conference said: “This is a firm step in the right direction for local designers and models to be recognized at the pinnacle of the fashion world with the winning designer, selected on the night, getting the opportunity to showcase 6 of their designs at the 2024 Couture Fashion Week in New York

“Furthermore, the best model, will be able to bypass the screening process and receive an invitation to walk at the Couture Fashion Week New York 2024 or at the highly prestigious GSF Awards, during the Cannes Film Festival,” he said.

Tenkgu Dato Hishammuddin handing a gift of appreciation to Maria Sandra Wijaya, Programme Director Fashion Design Technology, The Design School, Taylor’s University

The event will also give an opportunity to the participating students from The Design School, Taylor’s University to participate in the New York Couture Fashion Week Grand Gala 2023 and showcase their creative, stunning collection “National Costume” featuring 11 plus size models who are also the finalists of Miss Plus World Malaysia 2022/23. This collection will project body positivity and sustainability through creative design. 

Taylor’s University Faculty of Innovation & Technology Executive Dean, Professor Dr David Asirvatham mentioned that the multiple project partnership focusing on sustainability, culture, and positive body image perceptions between Taylor’s Fashion Design Technology programme with Miss Plus World Malaysia has been fruitful thus far.

“Our students are currently designing the Malaysian national costumes collection for the Miss Plus World Malaysia 2022/23 contestants who are participating in the New York Couture Fashion Week Grand Gala event. This not only increases the industry exposure of our students but also provides a chance to showcase the appreciation of arts and cultural heritage of Malaysia locally and globally,” he said.

The event will see over 50 professional models sizes 2- 8 and height 5`8 and taller participating on the runway, besides another 12 plus size models and two well-known supermodels kids, Putri Diana and Zara Rania.

In a statement, Andres Aquino said, his new collection “New York Fashion Symphony,” which he will present in Malaysia at this event, is a couture collection inspired by the sounds of New York City.”

“Bringing together fashion and art marks a new direction in my creative journey, ” he added.

Mr. Aquino designs exclusively one-of-a-kind and very limited-edition sophisticated and creative outfits for the red carpet, socialites, performers, and other clients.

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Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishammuddin handing a gift of appreciation to Fashion Designer Aaron Von Jolly –  Photo Credit/Kuhan

Von Jolly Couture will also be presenting a glamorous collection themed “Marie Antoinette”, Spring/ Summer 2023, featuring several top models from Malaysia.

According to Aaron, “Marie Antoinette depicts contrast, movement, exuberant and surprise to achieve the sense of awe. The classical use of European brocade creates a repertoire of crowded, dense, overlapping cultures that provoke shock effects and cartouche. A mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, flourishing nonstatic and mayhem of cultures for Spring/Summer 2023.”

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Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishammuddin handing gift of appreciation to Amanda Brown Couture

Amanda Brown Couture, representing Indonesia, will hit the stage and runway with a stunning collection titled “Confident”, a design about heritage yet modern and vibrant colors, using Indonesia riau batik seruni dayun and batik Muara Takus.

Vivien Tsai will be showcasing a new collection titled “Winter Flare” for elegant, classy moms and daughters. 

“I created a collection for mother & daughter in a trendy evening look.

“This collection is just like the light in winter, a touch of batik mixture of modern elegance,” she said.

vivien tsai
Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishammuddin handing gift of appreciation to Fashion Designer Vivien Tsai

Dicky Ishak, who is going to present extraordinary, romantic, and luxurious couture designs called “Amour”, featuring 12 stunning male and female models, believes couture is a dreamland, inhabited by creatures of beauty.

“We need to dream, today more than ever,” he said, adding that “a couture gown is a piece of art in its own right, made with the most exquisite fabrics and designs. Sophisticated, yet playful. Modern and classic. That’s my Couture gown!”

As for all love stories, telling and expressing it through exquisite embroideries and attention to intricate details explains the journey of love, as similar as a life canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.

To lift the spirits of the many ladies/men he dresses, Dicky offered a plethora of flamboyant, sensual concoctions: Gowns in a flow of shimmering tulle or veiled the sensuous bodices of mermaid-like evening dresses dripping in sequins; and intricacies of knotted chiffon and embroidered brocades were embedded with jewels and beads also similar touch towards his couture suits.

 “My pirates are adventurous individuals, looking for the treasures of life.

“They might be dreaming of love, or perhaps they’re dreaming of a future full of joy and courage,” Dicky Ishak said when describing his collection.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. He truly believes, the real luxury of a design, is to have a better understanding of the quality, and have the time to enjoy it,” he added.

Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishammuddin handing a gift of appreciation to fashion designer Gurdip

As for fashion designer Gurdip Kaur D/O Jaspal Singh who represents GypsyKorn Atelier, her new collection titled “Punkature: An Ode to Queen “V”, is inspired by Queen Victoria from the Victorian Era, the Industrial Revolution and as a tribute to dame Vivienne Westwood who is also known as the “Queen of Punk” and the late Alexander McQueen.

“The brand focuses on recreating fashionable costumes for people who are eccentric, dramatic, and dare to be different.

“ Since there are not many ateliers that provide this specific type of garment to wear, we aim to cater to those that are otherwise unable to acquire this type of fashion elsewhere,” said Gurdip.

Tickets are now on sale, those who wish to attend the event “ New York Couture Fashion Week grand gala 2023, can purchase their tickets at this link:

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