Serving Team 4 KPD Transport Company (Mek) Assists Flood Victims

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PAHANG: The heavy rains that hit Pahang have caused several districts around the state to experience floods.

Team 4 Komp Angkut KPD (Mek) is one of the teams under Headquarters 4 Bgd (Mek) has been mobilized to work together in helping flood victims in terms of transportation and food.

A total of 3 Officers and 13 Members led by Lt Col Muhamad Fadzly Abd Kadir, Commanding Officer 4 KPD Transport Company (Mek) were mobilized to provide food to flood victims.

Wisma Belia Pahang has been used as a Centralized Cooking Center (PMB) for the other three PPS, namely PPS Wisma Belia Kuantan, PPS SMK Sg Isap and PPS Sk Kg Padang to help 500 flood victims and staff.

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Meals are available as early as 4.00 am every day ending at 8.00 pm.

The team has moved as much as one 3 Ton Truck, one field kitchen and cooking utensils.

Assistance has been implemented from 8 Jan 2021 is expected to end when all three PPS are closed.

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