Semenyih by-election: Pakatan Harapan launched a new manifesto for Semenyih

Muhammad Aiman Zainali

SEMENYIH: In his bid to win Semenyih by-election, Pakatan Harapan (PH)`s candidate has launched a very attractive manifesto with five cores pledging it will help the rakyat of Semenyih with their daily lives.

Muhammad Aiman Zainali promises in the manifesto a “Sustainable Semenyih, Safe Semenyih, Developed Semenyih, Healthy Semenyih, and Connected Semenyih.

During the launch of the Aiman4Semenyih agenda at the Bandar Rincing Apartments yesterday he said the five cores of the manifesto are aimed at preserving, protecting, developing, and connecting Semenyih.

 “I believe it will fulfil the needs of Semenyih’s people, be it those in the rural areas or in the towns. Most of its aims are based on my experiences on the ground,” Aiman said.

Graduate with a Master of Mass Communication. 10 years working experience in the media and broadcasting.

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