Self-assessment and awareness help students perform better – YPC, Thomas International

 Mr Hein Jan (second right) with Datuk Dr. Noel (second left), YPC lecturers and students at YPC Power Talk Series program on Thursday Oct 18

Kuala Lumpur: YPC International College has recently hosted the Power Talk Series on `Increasing Self-awareness on your Learning Journey with Thomas International` with the aim to help its students identify their capabilities and motivators in their studies.

A total of 180 students and teachers attended the talk and completed their personal profile analysis (PPA) and were given individual reports to learn more about themselves, their behaviors, motivations and career paths.

Through Self- assessment and awareness, students can know their capabilities and motivators and hence perform better in their studies, the honorable speaker Mr Hein Jan Lapidaire (International Account and Regional Manager from Thomas International) said.

Thomas International currently works with over 32,000 organizations in more than 60 countries. Its focus is to develop people, teams and culture within the education, sports and business sector.

“We use several self-assessment on Students. If the student knows his/her direction he/she will do great at school. If the student loses direction he or she may not be able to do well in certain subjects or course.

“Students, who know earlier about their behaviors and their motivators, can usually make a better choice for their studies,” Hein Jan told Malaysia World after delivering his speech at YPC Power Talk Series.

Meanwhile, the Principal of YPC International College Datuk Dr. Noel Robbert said,  YPC International College always identifies and invites good international speakers who can convey relevant knowledge to students at YPC Power Talk Series and Workshops.

The Power Talk Series event, which is held at YPC at least once a month, is a vibrant platform for YPC students where they can obtain very useful insights about the real world and industry.

“Self-assessment and awareness presentation and workshop are very useful for our students as it helps them learn how to understand their profiles/themselves, build confidence, and perform better in their studies,” DR. Noel said.

Datuk Dr. Noel giving token of appreciation to the Dutch international speaker Dr Hein Jan at YPC Power Talk Series Event.

Would it be great if high education institutions can include self-assessment in school programs?

“Yes,” Hein Jan replied, adding “in other countries, we work with teachers to see how we can bring this into the classroom as a subject, where we can work with students to get more awareness about their capabilities and their behaviors.

He also claims that students dropouts from studies, which cost the society, parents, and the government millions of dollars, are usually due to students` wrong choices in their studies.

Students who have self-assessment and awareness a bit earlier in their studies are likely to make the right choice and succeed in their studies.

“For example, people (students) who like to talk a lot and persuade people may do well in marketing or business.

“To succeed in your studies and life, you have to know your profile and choose a suitable direction (to your profile),” He said.


The assessment is very important for recruitment, development (management development), and team building.

Replying to the question to how Hein Jan from Netherlands found YPC international college Malaysia, he said: “I think, it’s really fantastic, students are smart… I think 90% of them got my presentation very well, though my English has Dutch accent.

The 22 years of experience Hein Jan said, it is proven that through self-assessment and awareness, people are getting more successful and their engagement goes up. Many statistics show that this assessment helps to increase engagement, and develop and advance individuals and company.

Self- assessment is also beneficial for both the workers and the employers – can use that to develop people. It will help employees to develop their own careers and businesses,

“We should train teachers to get this knowledge and then work with students to create self-awareness and to help them make the right choices in the development,” he said – Malaysia World News

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