Selangor people advised to NOT to use more than 170 litres (per person) per day
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SHAH ALAM: Water consumption in Selangor state is higher than the national average, says state Infrastructure and Public Amenities, Agriculture, and Agro-Industry Committee chairman Izham Hashim.

“The average national water consumption is 226 litre per capita per day, but Selangor residents use 250 litres per person per day,” he said.

He said there is no worry right now as all seven dams in Selangor are at above 85% capacity and have sufficient water for the next three months, the Star Online reported.

“We are working with the Meteorological Department to determine if there is any change in the forecast.

“We were prepared for the dry spell as per information from the Met Department in December last year, which forecasted a weak El Nino until March.

“So we will have to get another forecast from them for the next three months,” he was quoted as saying at the sidelines of the state assembly.

Izham added that the state also had significant reserve water, including off-river storage (ORS).

However, he urges Selangor residents to reduce water consumption in view of the hot weather, and advises people to not to use more than 170 litres (per person) per day.


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