Scientist warns of a more deadly pandemic ahead

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British scientist Sarah Gilbert, co-developing the “Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19, warned that the next pandemic may be “worse”, calling for investment in research to ensure better preparedness for this possibility.

According to “BBC”, Gilbert says, “This will not be the last time that the virus threatens our lives and livelihoods. For the truth (the virus), the next could be worse. It could be more contagious and /or more lethal.

Gilbert, a vaccination specialist at Oxford University, who contributed to the development of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine that is now used in more than 170 countries, calls not to allow the lack of funding to overthrow the scientific progress made in combating the Corona virus.

 “We cannot allow, after all we have been through and the huge economic losses we incurred, that there is no funding to prepare for the pandemic,” she said in her speech before the Richard Dimbleby conference.

Gilbert explains that this mutant “contains known mutations that increase the ability of the virus to spread” and that “the antibodies provided by vaccines or Infection with other mutants may be less effective in preventing omicron infection.”

“until we become more familiar with this virus, we must be careful and take measures to slow the spread of this new mutant,” she added.

Source: AFP

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