Russian troops face freezing to death in icy weather

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As tempertures dripping below Zero to – 20C, the Russian soldiers who are installed with their tanks and heavy weaponry for days at the borders of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv are reportedly facing freezing conditions in the snowfall.

Such cold, icy weather situations is making the soldiers who are stuck in the huge convoy of iron tanks feel worse. The tanks became as huge refrigerators for the Russian army if they are not running the engine and would force them to flee, Glen Grant, a Senior defence expert at the Baltic Security Foundation, told Newsweek.

“A metal tank is just a fridge at night if you are not running the engine.

“The boys [Russian troops] won’t wait, they will get out, start walking to the forest, and give themselves up” to avoid freezing to death.

“You just can’t sit around and wait because if you are in the vehicle you are waiting to be killed. They are not stupid,” said Mr Grant, who advised Ukraine on its military reform.


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