Russia threatens ‘tough retaliation’ against Britain and anyone imposing no-fly zone on Ukraine

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The Kremlin said today that the Western sanctions against Russia are almost a declaration of war and warned that any country imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be considered to have entered the war.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned London: “Russia will not forget Britain’s desire to co-operate with ultra-nationalist forces in Ukraine and the supply of British weapons to the Kiev regime.”

She added, “the sanctions hysteria in which London plays one of the leading, if not the main, roles, leaves us no choice but to take proportionately tough retaliatory measures. London has made a final choice of open confrontation with Russia.

“Such a development convinces us once more that Russophobia and the aim to undermine the Russian state are integral elements of Britain’s foreign policy.”

The West has recently imposed tough sanctions on Russia after this later invaded Ukraine.

However, some Western countries warned that it will lead to an armed conflict with Russia.

President Vladimir Putin warns any third-party declaration of a no-fly zone as ‘participation in the armed conflict’. He has also announced that Moscow was putting its nuclear deterrence on ‘alert’.


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