Rohingya refugees should go to another country, says Dr Mahathir

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Kuala Lumpur: Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir said today the Rohingya refugees should have gone to another country instead of coming to Malaysia. 
Malaysia has become so crowded with refugees as it has given too many asylums to them, besides sympathizing with them, he said.
“They should have gone to another country.
“And other countries also have to open their doors for refugees,” Dr Mahathir wrote on his Facebook page today. 
He also pointed out that Malaysians no longer like Rohingyas as their sympathy vanished after ” the number becomes so crowded and there were acts of these refugees touching the Malays.”
” The Malays sympathy turned into hate.

“At first the Malays sympathize with Rohingyas. And the Rohingya chose to come to Malaysia out of our sympathy.”
However, Dr Mahathir urged Malaysians not to hate Rohingya as the latter are victims of Myanmar tyrrany.
He also describes turning away a Rohingya boat carrying 400 refugees as an inhumane act.
“What you need to do is provide them with food and oil so they can go to other countries or return to Myanmar.

“We should have accused Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi of their cruelty and refused to trade with them,” he said. 

– Malaysia World News

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