Rohingya refugee activist in Malaysia scared to go out from his house, claims he receives death threats

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KUALA LUMPUR: Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani, a Rohingya Muslim refugee activist in Malaysia, has today sent and shared with Malaysia World News many screenshots showing some Malaysians insulting him and asking him to go back to his country.

The Rohingya activist, who fled persecution and ethnic strife in Myanmar, claims that he cannot go out from his house indeed.

He said he has not gone out for a year now, and he feels like he is in prison.

“I’m still scared. For a year, I’ve not set foot outside. I’ve not seen the earth outside,” he said, adding that his 3 children cannot go to school and they are suffering from trauma.

Zafar, 51, informed the media he cannot leave his house as he has been threatened, after allegations spread on social media that he had demanded Malaysian citizenship.

He said, he is disappointed reading a news article written by a local man that still targeting him, his community and the UNHCR.

“The writer is a lawyer. I feel very sad that he wrote fake news about me, saying I demanded many things from the Malaysian government.

“I was investigated by the police as Malaysian lodge report against me in relation to Selayang issue.

“This article call on the closing of the UNHCR office in Malaysia as well as for the Rohingya to be placed in an island. On top of this to punish employer who employed Rohingya, and to transfer Rohingya in Malaysia to Bhasan Char in Bangladesh,” he said. 

He claimed the allegations have triggered a wave of hate speech and death threats against him and his family, and he has already reported the false accusations and online attacks to the police.

“I cannot relax my body, my brain, my heart. I cry asking why people are doing this to me,” he told Reuters in an article he shared with Malaysia World News.


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