Rohani urges public to report if they suspect, identify abuse cases

PUTRAJAYA: The Minister of Women, Family and Community, Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim (pic) expressed her sadness and sympathy over the death of an Indonesian helper recently suspected to have been caused by her abusive employer.
She said, the incident was very serious and it should be dealt by the parties concerned so that such case should not happen again.
“The government respects human rights while the Malaysian Constitution guarantees the rights of the people to feel safe and protected all the time regardless of race or nationality,” she added.
Rohani said, being the Minister responsible, she will continue to take various steps to support domestic helpers (maids) who are generally females.
She emphasized, amongst the steps taken by the ministry are: “Talian Kasih 15999” that operates 24/7 to report on abuse cases; protecting the abused/ill-treated victims; to provide counselling services to domestic helpers who have undergone stressful experiences from their employers; and giving support to the family to cope up with stress that can lead to aggressions against domestic helpers.
Rohani said that in a statement following an Indonesian maid, Adelina Lisao 26, who succumbed to serious injuries due to suspected abuse by her employer and she died recently as a result of multi-organ failure due to anemia. This was the outcome of a post mortem on Monday.
“The case of a domestic helper being abused was inhuman, hence violating the norms of a human being besides being unethical,” she added in a statement.
She also said, the Ministry will always cooperate with any related agency, and she hopes members of the public will come forward to help if they suspect or identify any such case happening in the surrounding areas.
–Malaysia World News

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