Rohani bashes allegation that BR1M is a “bribe”


Putrajaya 31 Dec. The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM), Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim bashed allegations that the BR1M is an element of bribery to the people as it is based on an open application for the ‘rakyat’ in accordance with the stated criteria. 

Rohani said, the government continuous awareness towards the requirements of the neediest especially the targeted groups of the ministry is greatly appreciated.

“The BR1M actually completes the financial aid offered by the ministry to the targeted group, “she emphasized.      

Rohani added, through KPWKM, the government is committed giving financial aid to the targeted groups who are in need, to enable them to continue living sufficiently.

The financial aid scheme is formulated as a tool in the process to help the ministry’s targeted groups toward avoidance, recovery, development, integration and to increase their well-being in a more holistic manner. 

 Rohani said, the financial aid given by the ministry is not enough to support the basic needs of the targeted groups whose household income is below the poverty line income (PGK).

She added, the BR1M given to the people by the government is an added value to the targeted groups of the ministry to help shoulder their difficulties in life and bear the daily costs of living. 

“I support the government to continue giving BR1M, especially to the targeted groups,  because they are the poorest in the community. What more in the uncertain global economy and the challenges, they have to face the high cost of living,” she said in a press statement here today.

She reiterated, the BR1M is seen to be petty to some people but it is very meaningful to the needy.

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