RMAF sends 103 personnel to participate Pitch Black Exercise 2024 in Australia

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BUTTERWORTH: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) sent 103 personnel along with three combat aircrafts F/A-18D Hornet together with a transportation aircraft A400M to participate in the Pitch Black Exercise 2024 in Australia.

RMAF in its statement said, the Pitch Black Exercise is the main air combat exercise operated once in every two years involving many countries.

This time the exercise will begin 12 July until 2 August 2024 centrally operated at the Royal Australia Air Force Darwin, Tindal and Amberley.

“The RMAF had participated three times in this exercise which started in 2008, 2018, and 2022. However in 2022, only RMAF personnel were involved without any asset.

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“This time RMAF contingent is led by Colonel Hasfa Nyzam Abdul Hamid (RMAF) as the Delegation Head,” the statement said.

The statement also highlighted that this exercise will be the biggest since 43 years of its implementation with the participation of 20 countries involving 140 aircrafts of various variants and the presence of 4,435 personnel.

Among the countries participating in the 2024 Pitch Black Exercise include United States, France, German, Spain, Italy, Canada, India, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, and many others.

The implementation of the Pitch Black Exercise said the statement will implement full scale training spectrum that exposes various threats and situations that could be met in the modern combating space surroundings.

Earlier the RMAF Commander Tan Sri Mohd. Asghar Khan Goriman Khan had put on the “patches” Pitch Black Exercise 2024 to the personnel involved besides giving high spirits speech to them.

Also present at the Butterworth Air Base where the event took place were Commander Air Operation, Lieutenant General Datuk Mohd. Shahada Ismail, RMAF and Commander Air Territory 1, Major General Datuk Mahadzer Amin (RMAF).
-Malaysia World News

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