RMAF receives award for being the first A400M operator to make more than 10,000 flight hours worldwide 2021


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KUALA LUMPUR MAR 29: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) today has recorded a history for being the first A400M operator to log more than 10,000 flight hours worldwide in 2021.

For the achievement, a special award was presented to Chief of RMAF, General Datuk Seri Mohd. Asghar Khan Goriman Khan to commemorate the milestone from Johan Pelissier, Head of Asia-Pacific for Airbus Defence and Space.

Airbus hosted a special ceremony at the Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA) held here until 31st Mar. The event was attended by Raymond Lim, Airbus Chief Representative Malaysia, Jose Corcia, Head of Airbus Defence and Space (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei) and Addi Faiz Adnan, Head of Airbus Defence and Space for Malaysia.

 Airbus Asia Pacific in it’s statement said, having achieved flight hours and flight cycles more than any other A400M operators, the RMAF is recognized as the A400M global fleet leader, serving as a valuable reference for all existing A400M customers and Airbus.

 “In operation with the RMAF since 2015, the A400M has played a key role in all types of mission and it includes cargo and personnel transport, humanitarian and disaster relief missions, transport of heavy equipment, supporting the national strategy in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, medical transport as well as air-to-air refuelling operations.

 “Recently RMAF upgraded one of the A400Ms with tactical capabilities, enabling the aircraft to perform missions such as aerial delivery, full paratrooper deployment or low-level flight.

“The RMAF became the programme’s first export customer and the first A400M operator in the Asia-Pacific region,” the statement added. -Malaysia World News


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