RM925 million of 1MDB returned to government

IMG 20190712 175952KUALA LUMPUR JULY 12 – An amount of RM925 million related to 1MDB fund has been returned to the government by various local authorities.

The Ministry of Finance said, the local authorities involved are Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Royal Police of Malaysia and the Attorney General Department with the cooperation of foreign authorities.

The Ministry of Finance in its statement said, these local authorities are continuing their efforts to bring back the fund that has been swindled to pay the debts of 1MDB amounting to more than RM51 billion.

“The debt payment includes the loan interests that have been guaranteed by the Federal Government,” added.

According to the Minister of Finance, Lim Guan Eng, the break up of the RM925.1 million that has been returned including RM6.1 million to 1MDB Foundation in various foreign currencies, Park Lane Hotel Manhattan (USA) RM567 million, Red Granite Film producing company RM238 million that amount to RM805.8 million.

Guan Eng in the statement also said, RM6.1 million was returned to 1MDB Foundation and RM20.9 million to 1MDB totalling RM27 million.- Malaysia World News

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